Established in 1966, U-Cont Ltd is a family-owned company with its head office in Joroinen, Eastern Finland. Inventiveness, openness and spirit of accomplishing are qualities that are often connected to us. U-Cont is at its best in extensive projects. To date, we have completed a wide range of projects from Siberia to Hawaii and from Sakhalin Island to Antarctica.

Business concept

U-Cont’s business concept is best described in our motto “Smart Green Solutions”.


We develop smart product concepts that optimize the life cycle costs of our customer. In addition, we modulate all our products which saves costs by expediting different work stages from design to installation. Also, our selection of services and equipment enables producing smart products – to support the businesses of our customers in the best possible way.


Almost every tank we produce is double-walled and equipped with leak detection system. U-Cont filling station includes less risky underground pipelines than usual filling station solutions. All explosive parts are protected carefully and situated in a small area to minimize risks. In ground water areas and other vulnerable sites, the safety level can be increased even higher. Our products can be easily relocated if needed and recycled after the service life comes to its end.


Wide knowhow of the whole process from concept development to aftersale services enables the best possible and most cost efficient solution for customers’ needs. Every solution is based on the interactive cooperation of our whole organization and supply chain. For instance, product development is always carried out in cooperation with design, production and installation specialists.

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