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In concept development process customer’s business dream is realized with our technical, visual and process management abilities. This means creating a whole new business concept or updating something that already exists to a completely new level.

The development process of Uno-X Light filling station chain (see the picture on the sidebar) with Norwegian Uno-X is a good example of successful concept development. The filling stations were adjusted to the difficult wind and snow conditions of Norway with lower costs and appealing visualization.

The main issue in concept development is optimizing the whole development process from the first business concept idea to the point where the product is deprecated and recycled. The costs of the project can be reduced the most dramatically in the beginning of the process, for instance when adjusting the technical qualities of a filling station to certain conditions or in planning the manufacturing process. These decisions have a great impact on the whole operating life of a product. This explains also our service line: the key is to improve and develop the whole process instead of approaching the matter as individual bits.

Reducing costs in a development project.

The technical and visual needs are effortlessly fulfilled with the modifiable products UniContain supplies, creating a business concept like no other. For instance AdContain filling station is suitable for different conditions and ways of use with an appearance that can be adjusted to every taste.


Innovation is a word that well describes the abilities of Unicontain team. The multi-skilled team with various areas of expertise has an unique approach to product development, delivering unbeatable solutions. Professionals from all parts of development and production process communicate to reach the best possible outcome.

Nowadays the work is often organized so that one company does the design work, another does the metal work, a few other companies supply equipment and finally assembling company puts it all together. In U-Cont do all of this in one company. Why? Because this way feedback can be given efficiently, problematic issues solved quickly and development work can be done interactively.

One of our earlier innovations is Muurikka barbecue pan, an example of “tank isn’t just a tank” -thinking. One day at 1976 one of the company’s founders, Reijo Sistonen, was doing metal work at the factory when a customer came in, asking Reijo a favor. The customer wanted to cut off the bottom of an old laundry kettle so that he could make crepes with it. Reijo promised to do something better for the use. Reijo pressed some waste plates of a tank, creating high quality barbecue and crepe pan along with a great business idea. Nowadays, almost one million pieces of these pans, Muurikkas, have been sold.

Other good example of this kind of out-of-the-box thinking is the new HFB-tank (Heat insulated, Fire and Bullet proof tank). Tank is not just a tank anymore. The tank can be used in multiple new ways compared to previous solutions and smartness can be added to the tank. In the development process of HFB-tank people with different backgrounds were involved: engineers, salesmen and sheet metal workers, all of whom were equally important for the great end result of the project. Below are listed some innovations and concept development projects of ours:


If you want to see what our experienced team can innovate for your needs, please contact us.

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