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AdContain Filling Stations

AdContain filling station is delicious looking and technically smart. It offers extremely safe, inexpensive and functional solutions for installation, everyday use and maintenance.

AdContain can be adapted to diverse use and visual goals. The above ground tanks have the same safety level as underground solutions.

  • AdContain makes it possible to develop a completely new, outstanding visual appearance to a complete filling station chain
  • Extremely safe with fire proof structure, insulation, leak detection and other safety equipment
  • Even suitable for groundwater areas
  • Enables safe and easy maintenance
  • Exceptional flexibility: can be for constructed with vertical and horizontal tanks and diverse canopy models
  • Significant cost savings with minimized groundwork, fast installation and easy maintenance
  • Easily extended and relocated if needed
  • Does not need separate advertisement structures

Examples of use

  • Filling station for trucks
  • Filling station for cars
  • Chemical storage and distribution
  • Mine industry

Technical Solutions

  • Above ground or fully or partly underground tanks
  • Vertical and horizontal tanks in different sizes (3-150 m3)
  • Different canopy options, designed as you want!
  • All fuel qualities and filling options
  • Insulation
  • Fire proof
  • Less fuel evaporation
  • Extremely strong double skin structure
  • Available in all colors
  • Decals, decoration and advertisement paintings
  • Wide range of safety equipment including crash barriers
  • Various light and advertisement screen options


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