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We have experience of more than 800 different kinds of filling station projects: from cold Siberia to the heat of Hawaii, from Finnish ground frosts to earthquakes in California, from mountains to mines. We are the leading manufacturer of filling stations in the Northern Europe.

We supply:

  • Large filling stations for busy sites
  • Mini stations
  • Filling stations for trucks
  • Mine filling stations
  • Filling stations for boats

Our usual filling station delivery includes tanks, foundations, man chambers, islands, piping, columns, canopy, drainage system, electrifying, logistics and installation. We also offer services including consulting, design and aftersale services.
Here are some examples of our filling station references

D-model Shipping Container Filling Stations

D-model filling stations are designed especially for countries without heavy snow load. The main advantages of D-model lay in the decreased transportation and installation costs as well as in the high safety level. The production of first D-model filling stations is planned for the last quarter of 2016.

  • Equipment from canopy to dispensers transported inside the container tank
  • Nordic safety level with lighter and less costly structures
  • Simple construction process: no need for heavy machinery
  • More than 10 different lay-outs: suits busy sites as well as less crowded locations

UniContain (U-Cont) Filling Stations

U-Cont filling stations have been our flagship for decades. The tanks are situated under the canopy, shortening pipelines and bringing a lot of other advantages as well.

  • Fully double skin solution
  • Short pipelines and less ground work
  • Available with different kind of tank filling systems (remote or island filling)
  • Technical and visual solutions easy to modify for all needs
  • Easy to extend and relocate
  • Also suitable for groundwater areas

Safety, quality and the environment

Our quality is ISO 9001 certified, covering the whole process from design to installation. Components with the risk of explosion and fire are protected carefully. The systems are also protected against vandalism.

With 50 years of experience we guarantee our customers safe and user friendly solutions now and in for the years to come.

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