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We are the biggest flammable liquid tank producer in Nordic countries with more than 40 years’ experience. The bases of our fuel storage system are under- and aboveground horizontal tanks constructed by EN –standard, vertical tanks by SFS –standard, special and tailor made tanks, tank equipment and services from R&D to automation.

Our products are very suitable for many purposes and customer needs, which is guaranteed with our various product structures, special equipment and coatings. All tanks we produce are inspected with proper inspection methods and according to our ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system.

Aboveground tanks:

  • Double skin tanks made with SFS-EN 12285-2 standard
  • Tanks according to SFS-EN-14015 standard
  • Volume from 3 m3 up to 150 m3
  • Also tailored solutions for special cases

Underground tanks:

  • Double skin tanks made with SFS-EN 12285-1 standard
  • Volume from 3 m3 up to 150 m3

    Special tanks and silos

    We manufacture also a wide range of special tanks for different usage. Below are listed some of the special tanks we have produced:

    • Sprinkler water tanks, which are fast and inexpensive alternative for traditional sprinkler solutions
    • Tanks for bitumen, also possibility to mobile version and heating (HFB-PDF)
    • Heavy fuel oil tanks (HFB-PDF)
    • Process tanks like chemical tanks
    • Aviation petrol tanks
    • Waste tanks
    • Fermentation tanks for ethanol factories
    • Silos e.g. for the needs of food industry

    HFB–series tanks

    HFB tanks are fully new type of double skin tanks. These are insulated, leak monitored tanks with very wide usage range. HFB –tanks are suitable for bitumen storages, heavy fuel oil or process tanks, mobile tanks, diesel tanks for cold conditions and protected oil tanks for boat filling stations. HFB –tank can also work as an advertisement totem at the same time. HFB tanks can be equipped with bulletproof outer skin and A60 fire rated insulation.

    • Because of its strong outer skin the HFB-tank is much stronger than normal plated and insulated tank
    • The tank can be also totally or partly underground or with special equipments these tanks can be located on top of each other
    • Maintenance and wash are easily carried out, HFB can even be washed with a pressure washer
    • Good insulation in every cases, because the insulation won’t get wet
    • Can be equipped with special colours or advertisements
    • Long working life
    • A variety of ancillary equipment

    More information of this product can be found from HFB-brochure

    PRC-series tanks

    The new PRC-series is new type of container framed and insulated tank. These can be above- or underground. The only limitation of usage for these tanks is imagination. The main idea of this tank is to build the whole part of the process to one container. Here are some examples for the usage of PRC -tank:

    • Waste receiving and storage
    • Raw material processing
    • Extra storage for industry
    • Dough or sludge receiving
    • Part of the process for example in drainage systems
    • Etc.

    The tank can be equipped with different kind of systems and equipment:

    • Heating
    • Insulation
    • Mixing systems
    • Pumps
    • Meters
    • Etc.

    More information of this product can be found from PRC-brochure

    FRC-series tanks

    FRC-tank is a new modulated version of an aboveground fuel retail system. It has electricity closet on the other and dispenser on the other end of container. The filling- and suction pipes ale fully protected. It can have the same equipment as HFB-tank. This kind of module is easy to transport and install, because it has everything necessary inbuilt.


    FRC -container is a new modulated version of an aboveground fuel retail system. At one end of the container is an electricity closet and a fuel dispenser on the other end. Filling and suction pipes are fully protected. FRC can be equipped with the same range of equipment as HFB-tank. FRC is extremely easy to transport and install with its modulated structure and inbuilt operational equipment.

    Process systems

    Different kinds of process systems have been our fastest growing line of business for the last few years. For example we have manufactured ethanol factories that produce bio ethanol, different kind of refinery systems, mixing systems and oil delivery systems.


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